Steve Levy went on-line to renew his Global Entry membership the second he realized his favorite airfield quick pass had terminated.

That was in the early can. Four months later, the port of entry non-profit-making director remains to wait. The $100 fee for the five-year membership showed abreast of his yank specific bill many statements agone, however, his Global Entry account still says “pending review.”

“I’m stuck within the ‘waiting for confirmation’ part,” Levy aforesaid. And stuck within the regular airfield security lanes on each flight he is taken since could.

Applying for Global Entry, a trusty human program from U.S. Customs and Border Protection that has travelers with a speedier trip through customs once arriving from international flights, conjointly includes Transportation Safety Administration PreCheck, a sister trusty human program. PreCheck permits passengers to travel through a fanatical, typically faster, security lane wherever they’ll keep shoes and coats on and leave laptops and approved liquids in their carry-on baggage.

Levy’s scenario isn’t distinctive. Between half-hour and thirty-fifth of Global Entry applications and renewals area unit taking ninety days or a lot of to finish, a CBP spokesperson told the USA nowadays. The rest, he said, area unit completed at intervals fifteen days. (Full disclosure: My renewal took but a period of time in late could.)

In a hard-to-find statement on its web site, the agency warns candidates to expect “significant delays” in process times – up to one hundred days – and restricted appointment times at enrollment centers. Travelers applying for Global Entry for the primary time area unit needed associated do} an in-person interview as area unit some travelers revitalizing their memberships.

The cited reasons on the web site for the backlog: the 35-day government closure that resulted in the late Gregorian calendar month and therefore the “ongoing humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border.”

To offset the loss of some airfield staff to the southwest border, the spokesperson aforesaid, the agency has moved some employees from its Global Entry enrollment centers to frontline airfield operations. CBP officers screen guests and residents flying into the U. S. from abroad.

Another issue extending process times: a spike in renewals because of a high volume of expirations. Global Entry memberships began to spike in late 2013 once PreCheck enlarged to the final public and travelers weighed that security quick pass to shop for. Global Entry, that conjointly includes fast customs process upon arrival from international flights, is $100 for 5 years; PreCheck is $85.

Given the delays, CBP has extended the number of your time Global Entry members can retain their edges, as well as PreCheck, past the expiration date as they expect renewal. It’s currently a year rather than six months. The sole caveat: you have got to renew your membership before it expires.