Although Scalp Micropigmentation Via TrichoPigmentation Paris (SMP) will  be associate degree vastly viable resource for up the looks of density for hair loss sufferers, ancient kinds of this procedure have their limitations. And this can be possible to compromise the natural quality that people expect in their final outcome.

However, it can’t be denied  that a lot of individuals square measure expressing interest within the idea of exploitation pigment to simulate the looks of closely smooth-shaven hair. Here square measure 2 common reasons:

  1. they’re unable to produce enough scalp hair grafts for a hair transplant
  2. They lack the correct kind and thickness of hair for BHT (body hair transplantation) surgery, as a results of their biology

The workplace of Dr. U is devoted to meeting the various of vary of desires exhibited by hair loss sufferers. thanks to the challenges related to general kinds of Scalp Micropigmentation, our clinic has set to supply a comparative, however a greatly preferred various, called Trichopigmentation.

What Is Trichopigmentation

Trichopigmentation is comparable in idea to traditional kinds of SMP. And technically speaking, it’s really one in every of the 3 main classes of micropigmentation. the opposite 2 are:

  • Esthetical micropigmentation, additionally called permanent makeup
  • Paramedical (reconstructive) micropigmentation, wont to camouflage scars, reconstruct the duct gland areola, darken white areas marked by skin disorder

Trichopigmentation involves the insertion of little points of brown or black coloration to simulate the looks of soppy, new adult plant material on the pinnacle. However, it needs the employment of specialised instrumentation and formulation of the pigment used. This distinctive methodology system is meant  to avoid the unwanted problems that may arise with regular scalp micropigmentation such as:

  • Bluish or dark-green discoloration
  • Difficulties in clearing unwanted results
  • Unnatural wanting plant material (where look appearance painted on)

>Scalp Micropigmentation and therefore the optical phenomenon

Many people UN agency want Scalp Micropigmentation find yourself feeling afraid once their results begin to seem blue or a dark-green hue when a precise length of your time. Why will this occur?

>Basics of Skin Layers

The appearance of tattoo ink pigment is essentially conditional however deeply it’s placed inside the skin. Therefore, it helps to possess a basic plan of the various layers inside our skin.