They will travel miles battling other commuters for space to arrive at your sale, so wouldn’t it be a welcome surprise for them and sure-fire success for you if the arrangements for display were made more buyer-friendly this time? If your furniture shop has several levels, you might want to organize items that would more suit the elderly on the ground floor. On the other hand, high gloss furniture if you have just one spacious floor, you could provide the same facility by an isle-wise separation. This prevents your customers in their 70s, perhaps looking for straight-backed dining chairs or high seated arm chairs that are easier to get in and out of, from being jostled by excited newlyweds on their first serious furniture foray. You could advertise your furniture sale as such and draw in a larger footfall, while at the same time earning brownie points as a thoughtful business person. Properly planned cross indexing with the use of attractive signboards would lead an interested buyer towards the next level if he or she wanted to make the effort, so that the flow is still maintained, but in an orderly and economized fashion.

Be innovative. Don’t display your items at the furniture sale in the usual cluttered format for your customers to sort through. While this may be pardoned at a garage sale, or perhaps even be part of the charm of a hurriedly put together fair, it seems a little disappointing at a reputed store. A suite-wise arrangement works wonders every time, when compared to a boring procession of items. At first you might consider it a waste of space, but then you will realize that space is what you need when you’re hoping for a gala crowd. Apart from that, there’s every chance that a customer for a coffee table might find the attractively placed corner cabinet a fine match and you will have made two sales in place of one.

A couple of other aspects of note are that the price tags in your furniture sale tv unit must genuinely be knocked down prices. It’s a blow for buyers to find, a few weeks down the line, that their proud acquisition at 40% discount turns out to have cost them the same as the full rates at a store downtown. The other factor is that sales people never seem to be as helpful during a sale as on regular transaction days. Perhaps they are genuinely confused about where items are or unaware of details. This can be a put-off. Take care to train your sales people thoroughly before every sale so that a customer feels happy to have spent his money at your establishment, and reward your staff with a few extra days off at the end of it!