Recently, I have a student who is fifty plus who has enrolled into my swimming program. It came to me as a surprise as normally at this age, they will prefer to try other sports rather than swimming.  Lifeguard courses She wants to enhance her swimming strokes and it is not too late to learn since her children have grown up. Anyway, she has been out of touch of swimming for many years and I am amazed by her persistency in learning. So what are the ways for getting back to swimming if you decide to join us back for swimming adventure?

Below are 3 steps you could take note.

1) Gradual Improvement

Before you decide to embark on your swimming adventure, please do consult with your family doctor to consult them if you are fit to commence. If you are starting alone, please do progress gradually. Your muscles have been idling for a long time since the previous swim you have, hence you should conduct your swim in a planned and slow manner. Please do not be over ambitious about the number of laps you want to complete. It may be harm than good to your body. You will overstrain yourself and as a result you get sore muscles. In some cases, you may feel disappointed and gradually lose interest in swimming.

2) Companion

It is always nice to have someone to accompany you for the swim. Your partner can encourage you and also take note of your progress. In some instance, your partner can also assist to spot your incorrect techniques and help you in your advancement in swimming. If you are looking for professional swim coaches, please do check with the various swim school for the standard rates and their term and conditions. Swim coach can assist you to come up with a well-tailored training program to ignite your swimming passion thus getting you back to shape. They are also competent on advising you on the ways of training methods to enhance your performance.

3) Practice only what you know

If you do not wish to engage any coach or there is no one to accompany you, please do practice only what you know. I will always advise my students to practice on teaching pool where they are competent of standing in the pool. If you want to learn more about swimming, I will advise you to look up books on swimming or video. This teaching aid helps me in my initial phase of my swimming career. However, there is some swimming terms which you may find unfamiliar thus affecting your interest.

When you set a goal to get back to swimming, Lifeguard courses you must be prepared to gear up yourself. What you really want is a slow yet progressively results in your swimming which you can achieve your goals by sticking to the 3 steps mentioned above. Most importantly, you must have fun when you are swimming.